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thriveindex is a frictionless way to analyze and to boost the level of motivation in your team or across your organization.

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Take your employees’ motivation and wellbeing seriously, every week


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Check-ins are delivered to your team via email every week. To the point, they take a minute to respond.


Collect and Analyze Insights

Understand the drivers of team motivation and analyze the satisfaction of team’s psychological needs over time.


Take Action

With practical feedback at hand, take meaningful action to dissolve motivation blockers in your team

“It’s hard to make important things simple. Thriveindex nailded it!”
Carlos F
Chief Operating Officer
“It encouraged our managers to think about their impact on employee motivation.”
Margouex S
Head of People Experience
“A meaningful voice to our people on matters that affect their wellbeing.”
Jessica C
HR Business Partner
“I love it’s simplicity and effectiveness.”
Evie M
Product Manager
“An absolute must for any manager!”
Sven T
EMEA Sales Director
“It’s intuitive and it works.”
Lindsey J
Co-Founder & CEO

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Unfortunately, 85% of employees globally report being disengaged at the workplace. 

  • They are 2x more likely to leave;
  • They are 28% less productive;
  • They have 55% higher stress levels;
  • They are 3x less creative;
  • They are 66% more likely to take sick leave.

By giving voice to your employees through thriveindex to share their needs, success stories and frustrations, you will be able to keep your hand on the pulse of your team motivation and to take meaningful action to improve it.

  1. Create an account by clicking here
  2. Create a team on the dashboard by specifying emails of participants
  3. Specify the day & time of a weekly check-in
  4. See results rolling in!

The methodology of thriveindex is based on the self-determination theory developed by Ryan & Deci. The theory implies that everyone is inherently driven and motivated, but the correct conditions need to be established to facilitate this. With over 100 000 research papers on it today, the self-determination theory is one of the most profound theories of human motivation.

Yes, the anonymity of thriveindex is what helps the manager and the team to focus on ‘what’ instead of ‘who’ in addressing the feedback. You can consult our privacy policy here.

Yes, the basic functionality is free. If you will find thriveindex valuable and will want to expand its use within your organization, we will be glad to assist you on the paid plan.

It is the project of the 100happydays foundation, which is a global non-profit organization on the mission to help individuals, organizations, and countries thrive.

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